Copy of Our Story

Our project was born from a whimsical idea, a dream, and our passion for a minimalistic, modern, and clean lifestyle. 

A family project inspired by the birth of our daughter, India Blake during a time of change and uncertainty for us. Losing my job during the pandemic and that indescribable desire to care for our baby spurred us to take the risk … and here we are - we’ve made it happen! 

Tela Cruz is our unisex brand that brings to life our aspiration for simple, comfortable, and attractive clothing. So comfy that it is perfect for relaxing and lounging at home yet designed so you feel confident and stylish going anywhere! No fuss, no labels, just quality, easy to wear fashion that you will love. 

Join Mike, Lillie, and Indie and follow us in our journey… this is just the beginning. Driven by passion anchored in simplicity and style.